Warhammer 40k: Catachan Sentinel

This week I present my take on a catachan sentinel, aptly equipped for jungle warfare with a heavy flamer and sentinel chainsaw. I am pretty pleased with this it is the first full completed piece of my catachan army which I hope to take to armies on parade later in the year. I spent a lot of time on this model, particularly on weathering, building up mud and rust around the legs with weathering powders. Overall I am pretty pleased with this model and will probably carry the same style onto my other catachan vehicles.




Warhammer 40k: Tau TX4 Piranha

My first post in quite a while, I recently had a move back into the building and painting side of the hobby and decided to finish something that had been sitting unfinished on my desk for a little while. So here it is a TX4 Piranha for my tau collection, painted up in the colours of the Vior’la Sept. I have magnetised the weapon choice so I can adapt depending on the foe, however seeing as it will generally be used in games of kill team I will probably use the burst cannon more than the fusion blaster.


I am pretty pleased with this, and am going to carry this scheme across all of my tau force most likely, as I very much like how it turned out and feel the colour combinations work brilliantly together.


French Manor House WIP

Recently I have been working on building some terrain for my bolt action gaming table, currently I am focusing on the main centrepiece which is to be a large French manor house. The building is made out of 5mm foam board and has three floors with several rooms capable of holding a decently number of infantry. The roof and the top two floors are removable to allow access to most areas of the building.


The window frames and railings are made from lolly sticks and coffee stirrers, with the supports for the railings being made from cocktail sticks. The roof tiles are rough 1cm squares of stiff card glued in rows to give a slate tiled roof effect, the chimneys are built from foam board and lengths of drinking straws. For the base of the house I moulded a brick pattern using latex moulds and plaster, which when dry were glued to the house. The rest of the house was textured with watered down filler to give the appearance of the building having been rendered.


Overall I am happy with my progress, all I have remaining to do is to add more detail to the rooms and exterior, to add more narrative to the piece, I plan on making one of the rooms into a command area and adding some other little interesting pieces. I also need to paint the building and attach it to a base.




Wargames Wednesday 1

This is the first post in this series all about wargames, I intend to include about what wargames I play, terrain making, and infrequent battle reports.

In this post I am going to share some smoke markers and how I made them. They can be used to mark wrecked vehicles, burning builds or just help to make the game more immersive.

The markers begin as a round wooden base, the base needs to be weighty enough to hold the support of the smoke plume, so I use thick plywood. A hole needs to be drilled in the centre, then into this I glue a piece of thick wire that has be doubled over on itself.


Then, I threaded strips of cotton wool through the loop and glued them in place using PVA glue, building up the layers on top of one another until I had got the desired shape.


Next, once the glue dried, I sprayed the entire marker with grey spray paint then turned it upside-down and sprayed it with black spray paint, this gave darker shadowing on the underside. This finished the smoke marker, however I wanted to use it as a marker for burning wrecks, so by using yellow and red paint I built up a fire effect around the base.



Finally some models for scale, both are 28mm Bolt Action miniatures.

Hawker Fury

This build was my first in 1:48 scale, which I found was not much change from building 1:72 models. I found the build quite easy, it was simple to put together and relatively straightforward to paint.

When I applied the decals I tried something new and used Humbrol’s “Decal Fix” to help them stick as I have been having problems with them falling off when they have been applied with water. So far they are holding much better and have conformed to the detail nicely.

Overall I am pleased with this Model, it is a excellent kit for it’s age, and would recommend it to those wanting to begin moving into bigger model scales just for the simplicity of it.

Work in Progress (WiP)

Tally-ho, a quick update with what I am currently building

Firstly I am near the final stages of painting and building a Hawker Fury, so far the build has been very fun and I have learnt some new things, but all will be explained in a final reveal.DSCF2040Next I am also near the finishing stages of another 1:76 diorama, involving a Cromwell cruiser tank and its crew. Once again I will go into more detail in a final revealDSCF2039And finally I have recently received several new model kits as prizes and gifts to add to my collection, I don’t think I am going to need to purchase any more for a little while…DSCF2041Well that’s all I am up to at the minute, however it seams I have got a lot more to build, now which one to choose…hmmm…


IS-3 Veteran

Tally-ho, I thought I would share how the IS-3 that I used in my how to white wash post turned out. I found this model very fun to build, especially doing battle damage and weathering. The idea with this model was to make it look like a hardy ,battle worn war machine that had been through good and bad, and become and tough veteran.DSCF2023 DSCF2018 DSCF2017 DSCF2020 DSCF2019 DSCF2024 I am extremely pleased with the out come of this model and think that the rusted muddy look goes well with winter white wash, please express you opinions and advice in the comments and they are much appreciated to help me improve.


How to: White Wash

Tally-ho, several weeks ago a friend asked me how to do white wash winter camouflage for models, so in this post I am going to show you how I do them. Naturally I chose a Russian tank as these fit I well with the winter theme.DSCF1993 DSCF1995I am going to show you haw to make this IS-3 look like this T-34 in a few simple steps.

Firstly you will need a pallet of small container, white paint, a paint thinner (I use white spirits), a brush, a cotton bud and a cocktail stick,DSCF1996First transfer some of the white paint into a separate container and dilute with 1 part thinner to 2 parts paint, the with a brush apply this to the upper surfaces of the model.DSCF1998 DSCF2001 DSCF2008Now dip the cotton bud into the thinner and use it to streak the with paint down the side surfaces to give the effect of the paint running after it has been applied. DSCF2005If you want to go for even more detailed streaks use the cocktail stick to create finer streaks.DSCF2009Do these three steps to give a nice white wash/winter camouflage on you vehicles.DSCF2012I hope this how to helps people, and feel free to leave comments with your opinions and advice as they are much appreciated.


Sherman Crab: build and final reveal (finaly!)

So with the coming of the summer holidays I finally managed to get around to finishing the Sherman crab and I am reasonably pleased with the results. The main build was quite simple, having built one of Airfix’s 1:76 sherman’s before with great results.    DSCF2025

However when building the flail to go onto the front of the tank I encountered so problems, which required be to do some creative thinking and try something new.

I began by building the Sherman, the suspension was quite fiddly to build and difficult to keep straight, I also at the point glued and stapled the tracks. The hull and turret went together very nicely and needed no filling or adjustment.DSCF1830 DSCF1833 DSCF1839 DSCF1847    DSCF1975DSCF1843 DSCF1842 DSCF1848next I moved onto the flail, this gave me a few problems…

When gluing the sections together the chains began to fall of, I believe this is because they are only thin plastic therefore the cement melted through them. However this gave me the opportunity to shape and break the chains to give them a more realistic look. Then I drilled holes into the bar and re-glued the chains, after this the flail went together with very few problems, only the alignment of the supports gave me problems.DSCF1854 DSCF1976After this I painted both the tank and flail separately before cementing together. Then touched up around where the two pieces had been joined.DSCF1985Finally I applied the decals and weathered the tank, I applied a large amount of mud to the front of the tank and flail as from reference pictures this is where the most dirt built up.DSCF2013Overall I think that this has been a decent build and as I said I am reasonably pleased with the final outcome.DSCF2030 DSCF2031 DSCF2033 DSCF2036The final picture is of my two Sherman’s together. Please feel free to leave comments with your opinions and advice, they are much appreciated.


Reasons and Conditions for my absence…

I have not posted on the site for just over 2 weeks so I felt like I needed to give an update on where I am and what is going on. Firstly, as it is almost the end of term (2 weeks to go) I am having to do a lot of exams at school this means I have been doing a lot of revising which doesn’t leave a lot of room for making models. However, with the summer holidays approaching there should be a lot more post as I have more time to build kits. Secondly, the Sherman crab build has not been posted because of reasons above but also because I witnessed a few hiccups in the building of the kit. Thirdly I currently have a project running at school which is to build a balloon powered car, this is taking up the time that I have spare, but as compensation for my absence I will post about the results and car with some pictures.

But as I said with the holidays approaching I will have more time so will be building more models and dabbling in some new things.

To look forward to:

  • Balloon powered car
  • Sherman crab build (sorry its so late)
  • Hawker Fury 1:48
  • 1:76 Josef Stalin 3 review
  • Dioramas
  • Warhammer Fantasy (Woodelves)
  • Bolt action (British)
  • Other assorted model kits